Premium Flameworked Murrine for Glass Fusing

always tested compatible

Why buy flameworked murrine?

• My murrine are designed specifically to work with the deformation that occurs during the fusing process – your fused chips look crisp and clear.

• Flameworked canes have consistent design down the length of a cane and between batches – make repeat orders for your customers knowing that the murrine you use will always look exactly the same.

• Consistency in size and shape: all chips in my mixes are between 5.5 and 7.5mm, you will not get teeny tiny unusable chips, chips with holes in the middle, or chips with limited/no design.

• Neatly hand-cut, ultrasonically cleaned, flat-sided chips mean your fused results are beautifully symmetrical with no fuzz and dust.

• I check every single batch for compatibility with fusing glass using the polaroid film test – no cracking of your finished pieces months later, for you or your customers.

• 100% recyclable packaging, and always has been.

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