System 96 'Peacock' Murrine Mix

£12.50 / Sold Out

What you get:
At least 15 grams of usable chips in a little tin. Every chip will be between 4.5 and 7mm and will show the designs pictured when fused. You will not get teeny tiny chips or chips with minimal/no design.

The chips are made from 100% System96 / Uroboros glass, constructed by hand (not in a vitrigraph kiln) and hand-pulled by me in my workshop. The chips are designed to be used in fusing, and vary in size between 5 and 7mm diameter and 3-6mm high. They can be used on top of two sheets of 3mm fusing glass to add that special something to your fused glass pieces. They work really well when used as eyes or flowers.

You will receive a tin containing at least 15 grams of murrine. These will be a random mix of the four designs. The chips are hand-cut with care to ensure the sides are as straight as possible, and then ultrasonically cleaned to minimise production dust and grease and improve the final fused result.

The primary listing photo shows the fully fused chips. Because the murrine are handmade, some extremely minor variation in the design between chips is to be expected.

*A note on compatibility*

Checking for compatibility is especially important when using flame worked elements in kiln forming. This is because the flameworking stage exposes the glass to temperatures outside the usual kiln forming range. This can, on occasion, cause the glass to become incompatible. I take compatibility very seriously, and every item I sell for use in glass fusing has been tested for compatibility using the Polaroid film test; full fused above two layers of 3mm tekta. However, if you are planning on using the murrini differently to this, you should conduct your own compatibility test.