I’ve been quiet for a while. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is that, until Friday, the weather here was unprecedented. Not bad, but AMAZING. We had wall-to-wall sunshine for 11 days straight, and before that it wasn’t bad either.  In fact, we’ve had pretty much dry, warm, sunny weather since the first week of April.  This wouldn’t really be all that amazing until I mention that I live in WEST SCOTLAND.  Internationally famous for rain.
It's hot in the shed, the beadmaker said.Shed

Anyway, this meant that my shed (see pic above, which is taken on one of the aforementioned BEAUTIFUL DAYS), which has no shade to the south, gets sun on its roof from 7am in the morning to 7pm in the evening.  Now, I’m not sure if you’ve ever been in a shed in the middle of summer, but the lack of roof insulation means they get hot.  Really hot.  For example, one day I had to go out to the post office, a round trip of just over an hour.  I had to close the shed door during this time as I kind of like my glassy stuff, and I don’t want it to go walkies.  When I got back the temperature inside was 42°C.  I would have taken a photo but my phone would have melted.  It was hilarious.

Suffice it to say, it’s been almost impossible to lampwork during this lovely weather.  The shed only cooled down to about 27°C by 8pm, and even then when I got the torch and kiln going it was back up to 30°C in twenty minutes.

During this time I’ve been wanting to make a set of beads to go with this pile of swirlies, that I made a while back but didn’t really ‘go’ with anything then:


Which is the second reason I’ve been quiet.  Matching up sets is a LOT harder than I first realised.  I know what colours I used to make those beads (CiM Leaky Pen, Effetre Navy Blue and Clear, in case you were wondering), so sure – should be easy enough to grab a bunch of complimentary rods (or even the SAME rods) and make some more beads to match, right?


The sets I ended up making did NOT contain the swirlibeads that started the process, and are totally different in tone and shade.  The process in my head went something like this:

“I know!! I’ll make some swirlies with Leaky Pen, Navy Blue, and I’ll add CiM Slate and some White, they all look so beautiful together on my bench!”

“Wow, those swirlies really don’t look right with the original ones… maybe if I make some solid Navy Blue ones to put between them, that will help them blend together better.”

“Hmm, no, something’s still missing.  Maybe it needs some transparents. Yeah, it needs transparents, definitely.  I’ll make a bunch of Slate ones, then they’ll all go.”

“Bummer, now it’s all a bit blue which makes the grey-white-leakypen-slate swirlybeads look out of place…  I’ll make some white opalino ones to even it out.”

The result?  A set of beads that don’t even contain the original ones that prompted me making them in the first place.  Now, if I just make some swirlies with leaky pen and lime green…