IMPORTANT UPDATE to how I do things ’round here:

If you’ve been buying murrine from me since the beginning, you might have noticed that I’m better at pulling thick, even diameter canes than I used to be. My murrini chips are now 50% bigger than a year ago, when I set my prices. Now, the average chip is 6-6.5mm diameter, compared to 4.5mm-5mm before. That works out as volumes of 110mm cubed versus 55 mm cubed – 50% more glass per chip! But I have not increased my prices to reflect this. I have been absorbing it as far as possible, but it is now uneconomic and has meant that I have to take on more work to bridge the gap. Meaning I get behind with making murrine (because of the other work), the shop gets empty, etc etc. So, rather than putting my prices up, I have decided to economise by spending less time on the other aspects of producing the mixes, so I can keep the price the same:

Instead of counting out 10 of each chip type per mix, I will mix them all up and each tin will contain the same volume of murrine as now (by weight) but not necessarily EXACTLY even amounts of each design (but pretty close). This will save me incredible amounts of time per mix, as I can ultrasonically clean them as one batch, rather than four separate ones as I do now, and I can weigh them out as one. Basically, it will take me a quarter of the time to clean and pack each mix as it does now, thereby saving me time and enabling me to keep the price the same.

Secondly, I will be posting on WEDNESDAY MORNINGS and SATURDAY MORNINGS only. New listings will go live on Monday morning. The hour I will save going to and from the postbox can be spent on making more glass, again meaning I can keep the price the same. Anything ordered before 7am Wednesday will ship Wednesday (arriving Thurs UK), anything between then and 7am Saturday will ship Saturday (arriving Mon UK). This structure will also help to keep me sane, because I get incredibly stressed trying to get orders out as fast as possible, when really I’m sure that many of my customers won’t mind waiting a few days!

The Monday morning update will contain at least one, and up to three mixes, depending on whether they’re new ones, or restocks, and how many commissions I have that week.

FINALLY: I will not be selling murrine via my website any longer. Truthfully, Etsy provides so many useful seller features for the fees they charge that the time I save from just using the one platform cancels out any savings from not paying fees via my website. Keeping stock updated in the two locations is a total pain, and more than once has meant I’ve sold things I don’t have. My website will still be there, but the ‘shop’ will link to Etsy.

Whew! Congrats and thanks if you’ve read till the end!! Watermelon, Wintry and a NEW MIX (the first for six months!!) in the Monday update