I swear it’s impossible.

No, really.  I’ve wanted to have free fusing tutorials using my murrine on my website for nearly 8 months now.  I had feedback last year from my fabulous customers that they loved the murrine, but hadn’t quite decided/didn’t quite know what they were going to do with them.  As a craft supplies addict, I completely empathise with this – I have drawers full of fabric that I bought without a clear plan in mind for what I’d make with it but because OMG I NEED THIS IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL LOOK AT IT!  It’s frustrating because I really want to make something with that fabric, but it wasn’t cheap, and I don’t want to mess it up.  Sure I’ve got patterns that call for X metres of fabric… but if you’ve ever sewed, you know that making something that looks good is as much about the suitability of the fabric for the chosen pattern as the pattern itself.  What if this fabric’s not right?  What if it makes me look like a tent?  What if it’s too drapey/stiff/stretchy for the pattern… etc. etc.  So I end up not making anything.  If each fabric came with a lil note that said “Hey, guess what?  I work perfectly with THESE PATTERNS HERE:” written by someone who knew a lot more about using and working with that fabric than I did, I’d really appreciate that.  In fact, I’d probably make a hell of a lot more clothes.

Therefore, I wanted to write some tutorials for fusing with my murrine because in the last couple of years I’ve become quite familiar with how to get the best out of them there chips.  BUT as anyone who’s written a tutorial before knows, they take way longer than you anticipate.  And before that, you have to actually have something to write a tutorial about.  Which means you need to have the time to test out your ideas and tweak them before you sit down to write/take pictures/edit/post.  I’ve got tonnes of ideas for tutorials – but in the last eight months I have successfully tested out… none of them. Yep.  None.  Not even gotten started.

Why?  I have the supplies I need, I have a (small, but perfectly functional) kiln in which to test them.  I always put it on my to-do list, but never seem to get to it.

I’ve recently gotten very much into the Bullet Journal world (see above), and as a result of whiling away hours ogling beautiful pages and layouts on instagram (Seriously.  Check out Life by WhitneyKara from Boho Berry and My Life in a Bullet for some eye candy) you end up absorbing a small amount of useful productivity insights by osmosis.  Such as; if you’re not getting something done, it’s probably because it 1) needs more attention/time than you’re giving it or 2) you probably don’t really need to do it anyway.  I think designing tutorials is definitely both of those.  I don’t NEED to do it – the only person giving me grief about not doing it is me, really… but maybe I’m not giving it the time it needs.  Maybe instead of shoehorning it in as an add-on end-of-to-do list item, I should take two days off making and actually concentrate on it, and most importantly – NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT THAT.  Every company that creates products has an R&D department.  A bunch of people who are actually paid to come up with, investigate, test out and report back on new ideas for new products.  I guess if you see society as a company, the academics (of which I was one once) are the R&D department.  Testing, checking, thinking – and not always succeeding.

So… R&D… I have decided that it’s not something that I am not going to feel guilty about any longer.  But when you only have two hands and five days (sorry, don’t work weekends.  Just no.  Life’s too short) it’s hard to justify spending two of them faffing about trying stuff in the studio.  But I should.  And I will.